Long Island

New York

Let’s transform your Long Island dog into a calm, reliable, and civilized companion.  

Gia Savocchi offers dog obedience training and behavior modification services to families across Long Island, New York. She is a dual certified IAABC Dog Behavior Consultant and Professional Dog Trainer, who specializes in working with dogs with challenging behavioral issues such as aggression and anxiety.

Is Your Dog Like Family?

My Dogs Are!

If you are anything like me, you love your dog. You want what is best for them. Choosing a good trainer isn’t easy, with so many options. 

I use humane and modern training methods only. My clients are dog lovers just like me, who want to build a trusting relationship with their dogs. It is my belief that pain and fear have NO place in dog training. You can trust that I will always have the best interest of you and your dog at heart. My training methods are effective and fun, and help to foster a strong bond between you and your dog. You will feel comfortable and know you are helping your dog when you work together with me.  

Make a Change Today!

Dog’s have a mind of their own, and what’s on their mind might not be what’s on yours.  Owning a dog is not always easy, but it can be with a little help. I will help you! With over a decade of professional experience, I am passionate about helping my clients. 


Whether you have an old dog with bad habits or a new dog who needs an education, every dog needs manners! We cover the basics, and beyond.


Aggression is the most stressful issue an owner can face. Let’s work together to change your dog’s behavior for the better and make them a safer companion.


Start off on the right foot. Set your new puppy up for success to have that perfect adult dog. We cover house-training, socialization, and manners plus.


Complicated behavioral issues such as anxiety and fear can be helped using modern behavioral modification techniques.


We use effective, clear, humane, proven methods. Your dog will WANT to work for you because they love you, not because they fear you. It works!

Cat Behavior

cat behavior

Cats are family too! We work with cats on behavior issues, and training. Using positive reinforcement training, let’s work together to help your kitty.


She has a great communication style with pets and owners and her recommendations for our dog worked like a charm.  Within a week, after incorporating some of Gia’s suggestions into our daily routines at home (which were effortless and took little to no time), our dog’s behavior had been powerfully impacted.

Keara D.