My Aggressive Dog! Is There Hope?

Your dog doesn’t want to be aggressive. He just doesn’t understand that the world is safe. Let me help!

Few things are more stressful than owning a dog with aggressive behaviors.

There are many causes of aggression, and just as many treatments. Perhaps your dog just started this behavior, or maybe this has been going on for years. I work with all types of dogs, with all types of aggression. Even if your dog has been turned away from training before, please call me!  I use only humane, modern methods to help your dog. I do not use shock collars, choke-chains, or pinch-collars to work with dogs with behavioral issues.  My goal for you is that your dog likes people and other animals, as I’m sure that this is what you want too! As one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants on Long Island, I am uniquely equipped to help dogs with serious behavioral issues, including aggression.

We Can Help Dogs With:

Fear Aggression
Aggression Towards Other Animals
Resource Guarding
Owner-directed Aggression

Imagine Your Dog:

Ignoring or Even Calmly Greeting Guests
Quietly Taking a Walk
Able To Ride In The Car… In Silence
Enjoying being petted and groomed
Making a Dog Friend
Safely Able to Meet And Get Used To Strangers

Using modern, positive-reinforcement based techniques combined with relationship building and boundary setting, your dog can learn how to feel calm and happy around people and other animals. Keeping your family safe is my top priority, and you can expect full honesty from me.  Just as in human psychology, are no magic fixes when it comes to animal behavior, and no guarantees. My utmost goal is to help you and your dog, AND to be fully honest about prognosis!

There is HOPE for your Dog

Maybe you’ve been told that your dog is stubborn, lazy, or even stupid.

Or maybe you’ve been told that your dog can never get better.

You’ve tried other trainers…and they’ve been afraid of your dog!

Or worse… they have continued to deteriorate.

Find A Change

Where Do We Start?

All behavior consultations begin with a 2 hr. initial consultation
I come to your house, and analyze your dog and the family interactions
I befriend your dog, so that I can work with them once they trust me.
Immediate help is given so you can get started right away.
Safety recommendations are made to help ensure everyone is SAFE at home
Book Your Consultation