Remote Consultation

Get the best help for your dog wherever you are.

Remote Consultations allow you to work with a certified behavior professional, from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to live near us to work with us.

No matter where in the world.

Our remote consultations are via video and phone chat, so that you can get the best help, wherever you are. Our remote clients live all over the world. Whether you are a busy professional who can’t have a trainer to the home, or living abroad, we can help.

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Remote Consultations

Remote consultations are done via video and phone chat, with a qualified and certified IAABC Dog Behavior Consultant and trainer. During your remote consultation, we will go over your dogs behavior (including reviewing any video you have taken).  Then, we will discuss training and management strategies.  During sessions, we will address your dogs specific issues and work on training together. Using video coaching and demonstration, we can work on everything from basic obedience and puppy training to more serious behavior issues like aggression or anxiety

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We Can Help Dogs With:

Obedience Training
House Training

Imagine Your Dog:

Ignoring or Even Calmly Greeting Guests
Quietly Taking a Walk
Able To Ride In The Car… In Silence
Enjoying being petted and groomed
Making a Dog Friend
Safely Able to Meet And Get Used To Strangers

Using modern, positive-reinforcement based techniques combined with relationship building and boundary setting, your dog can learn how to be a civilized and happy member of your family. Remote training and behavior sessions will provide you with the coaching you need to effectively work with your dog.

How does it work?

All remote consultations begin with a 2 hr. initial consultation
Before your consultation, you will download a video chat app.
Payment can be made via PayPal
Record any video of your dog and their behavior, and send to me for review
Write out any questions that you have for us to go over
Have a notebook and pen ready to take notes
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Initial Consultation

2hrs / $225

Follow-up Consultation

1hr / $100

Mini Follow-up Consult