Thinking Canine
Meet The Trainers

Gia Savocchi: Founder

I bet I am a lot like you… I love my dogs! With a college education in learning theory and behavior, and a lifelong devotion to continuing to learn and grow, I am dedicated to helping people and dogs. I enjoy training puppies just as much as I like working with more difficult cases. As a skilled teacher, I take pride in my patient nature and ability to coach owners… I like people just as much as I like dogs!


University of Edinburgh MSc Clinical Animal Behavior (2026)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
CPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer
IAABC Certified Behavior Consultant
The Third Way Certified Trainer
Fear Free Certified Professional
Absolute Dogs Certified Pro Trainer

Our pets are our family members, and we want what is best for them. I work with your family as part of your team, to help your dog be the best that they can.  Whether you are a new puppy owner just starting out, or facing difficult behavior issues, I would love to help you.

Industry Consultant
Rescue Dog Behavior
Anxiety and Fear
Canine Fitness and Agility
Puppy Socialization
What Makes Us Different

Why Choose Thinking Canine?

Choose a trainer with experience and the credentials to help you and your family. As an IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I am highly qualified to work with dogs with behavioral issues including aggression and anxiety.

Qualified: Variety of high-level certifications, and college education in learning theory and behavior. Currently taking on MSc in Clinical Animal Behavior.
Experienced: I have been working as a dog professional for over a decade. I’ve worked in a variety of settings, including in animal shelters, as a professional working dog handler, and at large-scale training centers.
My Dogs are GREAT: My personal dogs are fantastic.  Every dog I have ever owned has achieved titles and awards in multiple sports. To see if a trainer is skilled, the best place to look is at their own dogs.  My dogs are not only phenomenal working partners, but skilled competitors and loving family pets
I Know What it’s Like: As a life-long dog owner of a variety of dogs, I know what it feels like when your dog needs some help! I understand how much you want to help your dog get better. I truly care about each one of my clients.
I get Results: I love to work with dogs who have serious issues. With modern techniques, the outcome can be fast and incredible. My former clients would be glad to speak to you more about what I’ve done to help them, and their dogs.
I Listen: You and your dog are individuals, and I want to know all about it. My approach is holistic and individualized… you won’t find cookie cutter methods here.