The Method

Training With Kindness

Your dog should look to you for guidance and leadership. If you can achieve this one thing, you will have a well behaved dog that does what you want when you ask, and even if you don’t ask, with happiness.

Build A Solid Foundation

We love our dogs, and want what is best for them. We want fast results that don’t have any kind of fallout. Relationship building and positive reinforcement training along with consistently enforced rules is the best way to achieve any goals you may have. If you build your relationship with your dog, and teach them what you want them to do, they will happily and willingly do what you ask! Yes, it’s that simple.

Relationship Building
Strong Leadership and Clear Guidance
Controlling what the dog wants
Giving dogs rewards for a job well done
Setting boundaries, enforcing rules, and teaching skills

By doing all of these things we create a civilized companion who knows what is expected of them.

Our program revolves around teaching your dog to focus on you. A focused dog is a dog who is ready to work and listen. Your dog isn’t stubborn, stupid, or lazy. He just needs some training. We can help!

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Is this training right for me?

Is your dog a member of the family?
Would you like to develop a stronger relationship with your dog?
Do you want to work with a top-level, certified professional?
Is it important to you that your dog be treated with kindness during the training process?
Are you willing to put in a little work to help your dog get better?

Our method is ideal for dog lovers, just like you.  You don’t just want a robot-dog who listens because they are afraid of making a mistake.  You want a dog who is happy to do what you want, when you ask.  I bet you want a dog who is friendly and confident in new situations.  Our system, The Third Way, works for all breeds, all dogs, and all issues.

Whether you have a new puppy, or an older dog with anxiety or even aggression… all dogs can be trained with kindness.