dog training

Imagine that your dog can go anywhere…do anything. Your dog enjoys meeting new people, going to the park, hanging out in the car, or even competing at a dog trial.

Looking for Training Help? You've come to the right place!

Get started right away with an initial training consultation, in the convenience of your home.

Your dog can get better, with the right help. Let me work with you and your dog on a program designed to fix their problem, and get them back on the right track to being a good family pet.

You love your dog, but they aren’t always perfect. Whether they don’t come when called, or have accidents in the house… or even if you just want to learn a new game or sport to play with them, obedience training is the key to having a reliable companion who does what you want when you ask.  As one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants on Long Island, you know you’ll be using the best service possible.

We Teach:

  • Focus
  • Name-Response
  • Come/Recall
  • House Training
  • Sit and Down
  • Go to Place
  • … AND MORE
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Imagine Your Dog:

  • Simply ignoring new people—or even saying hello
  • Sitting to say “Hello”
  • Going to their bed, and staying there on command
  • Standing still for grooming
  • Hanging out under your table at an outdoor cafe
  • Able to share toys, his bed, and even his food bowl
  • Staying home alone, sleeping the day away
  • Calmly walking down your street
  • Coming when you call them, every time
  • Playing at the local park off the leash

Using modern, positive-reinforcement based techniques combined with relationship building and boundary setting, your dog can learn how to be a civilized and happy member of your family. Keeping your family safe is my top priority, and you can expect full honesty from me.  There are no magic fixes when it comes to animal behavior, and no guarantees. My utmost goal is to help you and your dog, AND to be fully honest about prognosis!

There is HOPE for your Dog

Maybe you’ve been told that your dog is stubborn, lazy, or even stupid.

Or maybe you’ve been told that your dog can never get better.

You’ve tried other trainers…and your dog hasn’t improved.

Or worse… they have continued to deteriorate.


Where do we start?

  • All obedience training begins with a 1 1/2 hour initial consultation.
  • I come to your house, and analyze your dog and the family interactions.
  • We will discuss your individual goals.
  • Training exercises are given, with homework to practice each week.
  • Once you’ve reached your goals, we will set new ones.
  • As your dog gets more advanced, we “take the show on the road” to new places like the park, a store, even a friend’s house!

Do you use positive reinforcement?

Yes! We firmly feel that training skills should be done using positive reinforcement.  We believe that dogs are family members who deserve to be treated with kindness and respect at all times.  We never use pain or fear as a motivator during training or relationship building.  Using pain and fear only serve to damage the human-animal bond.  We do, however, use consequences.  These consequences are always fair and always humane! For example, if your dog barks at you for their dinner, a consequence would be swiftly putting the bowl in a cabinet for 10 minutes as a penalty.  We would also begin teaching your dog how to quietly wait for their food to be prepared and placed down.  We are firm believers in the Fear Free movement.

Does positive reinforcement actually work?

Yes! When done right, positive reinforcement training results in a dog who:

  • Knows What you Want
  • Does What you Want
  • Is Happy When you Ask!

Just as we work for a paycheck, our dogs can learn to work too. Dogs thrive when given a job.  Eventually, you will be able to reward less and less frequently as your dog learns their job, and it becomes easy. Remember, positive is not permissive.

What are the most important aspects of training?

In our opinion, the most important aspects of training are:

  • Setting Strong, Clear Boundaries
  • Developing a Relationship Based upon Mutual Respect
  • Teaching Basic Skills

We set strong boundaries by figuring out how we want our dog to behave, and then being clear and firm about what we want, while setting the dog up for success along the way.

Relationships are developed by providing calm leadership, and respecting your dog as an individual.  This means always treating your dog with kindness, and providing lots of opportunities for physical exercise and mental enrichment.

Basic Skills are taught using positive reinforcement training.  These skills will give you the tools you need to have a language with your dog.  You will be able to ask your dog to work for you, and they will respond with joy.

What is relationship building?

Relationship building goes beyond simple training. It is about how you act as a guide for your dog, and how your dog fits in to your family. How you behave in your day to day life influences your dog even more than how you train behaviors such as “sit”, “stay” or “come”. As a social animal, your dog is learning ALL of the time. This makes training easier than you think! We use a series of techniques and games that go beyond traditional training. They are about building a stronger bond.

What makes your training method unique?

Our approach is holistic. We don’t look at the dog as a series of actions that need to be modified.  We look at your dog as a unique individual.  Training goes beyond simply teaching your dog to respond to commands such as “sit” and “come”. For most of us, we want a dog who is well behaved because they understand how to act civilized and do so automatically, not because we have told them over and over again what to do. How we approach training, and how we respond to the world around us and our dog, will greatly influence how our dog acts. This is because our dogs are social beings, that actually look to us for leadership and guidance.  Our training is just as much about training as it is about relationship building.