Your cat has issues! Now what?

Cats are part of the family too. They can have behavior issues that impact them and the people who love them. Let me help your kitty.

The First Step

Your cat can get better, with the right help. Let us work with you and your cat on a program designed to fix their problem, and get them back on the right track to being a happy and content family pet.

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Imagine Your Cat:

Using the litterbox… every single time
Enjoying your friends
Able to quietly ride in a carrier
Enjoying being petted and groomed
Going to the vet without fear
Able to co-exist with other cats and dogs
Staying home alone, sleeping the day away
Using their toys and scratching post
Being friendly and confident

Using modern, positive-reinforcement based techniques combined with relationship building and changes to the living environment, your cat can learn how to be a friendly and happy member of your family. Keeping your family safe is my top priority, and you can expect full honesty from me.  There are no magic fixes when it comes to animal behavior, and no guarantees. My utmost goal is to help you and your cat, AND to be fully honest about prognosis!

There is HOPE for your Kitty

Maybe you’ve been told that your cat is mean, dumb, or just too old.

Or maybe you’ve been told that your cat can never get better.

You’ve tried the water spray bottle…and your cat hasn’t improved.

Or worse… they have continued to deteriorate.

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Where do we start?

All behavior consultations begin with a 2 hr. initial consultation.
I come to your house, and analyze your cat and the family interactions.
Immediate help is given so you can get started right away.
Safety recommendations are made to help ensure everyone is SAFE at home
Write out any questions that you have for us to go over
Have a notebook and pen ready to take notes
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