Poppy is my first dog, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy. Though he is over 11 he is still going strong and active.

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell today, Poppy started out as a challenging puppy. He was very hyperactive as a young dog (and today!) and he loves to run and play. As a youngster he went to dog daycare each day when I was in college. This helped with his extreme amount of energy. With Poppy I learned all about The Third Way of Training, and really advanced my skills as a positive trainer. These days, he sometimes comes out to help puppies and fearful dogs with their socialization. Poppy is nearly 13 years old, and has survived severe colon cancer with the help of surgery and his ketogenic diet. Poppy is such a sweet, happy, and loving dog. It’s impossible not to love him.

Poppy is a certified therapy dog, and made regular visits to an adult daycare facility. He is gentle and friendly with all. These days, he is working on his Trick Dog Titles. It’s never to late to learn new things.

Poppy’s Accomplishments

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Certified Therapy Dog for Paws for Friendship

AKC Lure Coursing (CA)

Barn Hunt (Rat Instinct, Rat Novice)

Learn More About Poppy!

What is Poppy's favorite food?

Poppy will eat just about anything, but he especially likes any kind of cooked meat like Steak. He is on a mostly raw food diet.

Where is Poppy from?

I adopted Poppy from a municipal shelter in Carrol County, Ohio. It was his last day to be adopted. I chose him because he was friendly and showed no aggression during his assessment. He was about 3 months old and cost only $10.  He flew back with me that day to Portland, Oregon where we lived for the next 2 years.

What is Poppy's favorite activity?

Poppy loves to run free in the woods and at the beach.  He will swim even in the winter.  He comes when called every time, and so he gets to wander and do whatever he wants when we go on a hike. Even at 11 he still runs the entire time.

Where does Poppy sleep?

Poppy likes to sleep in bed with a person.  In the Winter, he likes to go under the covers to stay warm.  He loves to wear his dog coat, too.