An Innovative New Enrichment Feeder For Dogs!

The Mine Pet Platter Review

Original Mine Pet Platter Review

Enrichment with The Mine Pet Platter? What is it… and why do dogs need it?

The Mine Pet Platter is an enrichment product. Enrichment, providing entertaining activities for our dogs, is an important part of dog ownership.  Dogs are intelligent, curious, social creatures who thrive when they are provided with challenges and stimulation.  As a behavior consultant and trainer, I meet many dogs whose problems stem from boredom and a lack of stimulation. Providing structured, low-stress opportunities for our dogs to engage in natural foraging/hunting behaviors can prevent these problems from beginning. Meal-time is a great way to start introducing new enrichment activities to your dog. The Mine Pet Platter is a wonderful product for this purpose.

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Original Mine Pet Platter Review

There are many products on the market designed for enrichment.  One of my favorites is the Mine Pet Platter.  This new product was carefully designed by two pet-parents for their own dog, Pip. I have three large pet platters for my dogs, each in a different beautiful color.  Let’s take a closer look at the design, to see what makes this product AMAZING.

Design Elements

The colors of the Mine were chosen as they are easily visible to dogs (yellow, red, teal). I chose a color for each of my dogs to maximize meal time predictability.  This helps prevent stress during feeding, as they know which food is theirs. Unlike a bowl, the Mine provides a large, flat eating surface that is heavy and does not slide around.  This is very important, as it is stressful for animals to have a plate that moves as they are trying to get the food out, just as it would be for us. A flat eating surface allows the pet to have better access to the meal, and allows them to keep their nose and face cleaner. It also allows them to easily choose which element of the meal they would like to try first. The 360 view that the platter provides allows them to move around while eating, providing more control to the pet and allowing them to get a little exercise in too!

Original Mine Pet Platter Review

The Challenge

The best part of this product are the nooks and indentations that hold small amounts of food.  These scoops in the middle of the platter, and the hunting trail along the edges, add a healthy challenge to the meal.  You can use any type of food, including raw, fresh, and canned.  I like to pour bone broth or kefir into the hunting trail. I use soft and canned food in the scoops, smoothed in with a spoon. Sprinkling a topping onto the Mine, such as dried pumpkin or kibble, creates more flavor.  Remember, your dog has an incredible sense of taste and appreciates variety in meals just as you do.

Original Mine Pet Platter Review

Low-Stress Relaxing Meal Times

The Original Mine Pet Platter product is unique in the enrichment world because it doesn’t have any barriers or projectiles to work around. Though I do use many puzzle-type enrichment products, I also think it’s important to have a product like this, where the animal is merely licking and tracking, in order to obtain the meal.  This provides a more calming experience than the other puzzles I have. The platter provides a low-frustration activity.

Original Mine Pet Platter Review

The Top 10 Benefits reported by Pet Parents

  1. Slows Down Eating: Reduces air and food gulping
  2. Improves Digestion: Reduces or eliminates gas, burping, and regurgitation
  3. Engages Finicky Eaters: Overcomes fear and anxiety of eating
  4.  Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: Useful for training puppies and rescue dogs
  5. Overcomes Food Aggression: Relaxes and Calms the eating process, in conjunction with training
  6. Stop Food Transfer to Another Location: Gives dog a stable territory to enjoy their meal
  7. Eliminates Boredom: Personal eating playground!
  8. Increases Involvement: Promotes hunting, foraging, sniffing, licking
  9. Stimulates Thinking: Provides choices about how and what to eat
  10. Fulfilling & Rewarding: Stimulates a successful hunt or forage in the wild

Eco-friendly Non-toxic Dining:

Lastly, this product is super special due to the material it is made of, cellulose fiber. The product is 100% manufactured and sourced in the USA, is non-toxic, recyclable, and even dishwasher safe. The platter itself is so strong that it can be used as a cutting board.

Original Mine Pet Platter Review

Read on, and check out our How-To-Guide with recipes and video, so you can get started with this great product!

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