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Mine Pet Platter Recipe

Original Mine Pet Platter Recipe

What is The Mine Pet Platter?

The Original Mine Pet Platter is a fabulous new enrichment feeder for dogs.  We wrote about it in an earlier blog.  This unique product allows you to create fun and exciting meals for your dog, simply by spreading different foods around on the variable surface.  The non-toxic platter provides the pet with the ability to choose what they want to eat first, and then take their time during the eating process.  You can use all types of foods on the mine, from kibble to canned, to raw, to liquids.  The possibilities are endless.

Original Mine Pet Platter RecipeThe Recipe:

We chose multiple healthy foods, to provide both a varied and balanced meal for the dogs. Dogs have an incredible sense of taste.  They truly appreciate different textures and flavors, and if given the chance will take their time with a meal.

  • Canned Merrick Dog Food (Provides complete and balanced nutrition, in a variety of flavors)
  • Answers Frozen Kefir (frozen into cubes, provides protein, fat, and pro-biotics)
  • Dried Pumpkin (sprinkled on top for texture and fiber)
  • Bonito Flakes (fishy flavor)
  • Dried Smelt (Crunchy, delicious fish from realpetfood.com)
  • Pureed Fruits (different flavor)
  • Coconut Oil (healthy fat)

Original Mine Pet Platter Recipe

How to:

The Mine Pet Platter is designed to be user friendly.  Simply grab your ingredients and a spoon and get creative.  You can arrange them any way you would like… your dog is less of a critic than you think. For an added challenge, pop The Mine in the freezer for a few hours after you are done creating the meal. We try to keep our ingredients separate, so that the animal is individually enjoying each element of their meal. This also allows for choice, as the pet can pick what they would like to eat first, and last. Try spreading the different foods around the entire board, smoothing them into the nooks and crannies to add more challenge. One benefit of this product is that the pet can move around while they eat, instead of staying in one place.  The Mine is very sturdy and will not push around on the floor like a regular bowl. This makes it easier for your pet to pick out different pieces of food. There is no need to mash everything together!

Check out our video to see what we did with our Mine this time around:

Why do I do all this?

You may be wondering… why do I go through all of this effort just for the dogs?  As a dog behavior consultant and trainer, I see so many dogs who have behavioral problems due to a lack of stimulation and enrichment.  Dogs are phenomenally intelligent and social creatures, who thrive when they are given opportunities to explore, forage, and learn.  Feeding a dog in a traditional bowl, while convenient, wastes at least two important opportunities per day where you can be providing your dog with joy and stimulation.  It takes so little effort to create a recipe for your dog, and spread food out on a user-friendly product like The Mine Pet Platter.  For me, the few extra moments that it takes to prepare my dogs’ enrichment puzzles is worth it for the many minutes a day where I get to watch them having fun and enjoying themselves.  I am also preventing behavior problems, by ensuring that my dogs get the right amount of mental exercise per day.

Original Mine Pet Platter Recipe

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