dog behaviorist

Your dog doesn’t want to be aggressive. He just doesn’t understand that the world is safe. Let me help!

My Dog Is Aggressive! Is There Hope?

The first step to change is an intensive behavior consultation with an IAABC Certified Behavior Consultant.

Your dog can get better, with the right help. Let me work with you and your dog on a program designed to fix their problem and keep your family and the public safe.

Few things are more stressful than owning a dog with aggressive behaviors. There are many causes of aggression, and just as many treatments. Perhaps your dog just started this behavior, or maybe this has been going on for years. I work with all types of dogs, with all types of aggression. Even if your dog has been turned away from training before, please call me!  I use only humane, modern methods to help your dog. I do not use shock collars, choke-chains, or pinch-collars to work with dogs with behavioral issues.  My goal for you is that your dog likes people and other animals, as I’m sure that this is what you want too! As one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants on Long Island, I am uniquely equipped to help dogs with serious behavioral issues, including aggression.

We Can Help Dogs With:

  • Fear Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Owner-directed Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Other Animals
  • Leash-Reactivity
  • Barking
  • … AND MORE
Dog BehavioristDog Behaviorist

Imagine Your Dog:

  • Ignoring or Even Calmly Greeting Guests
  • Quietly Taking a Walk
  • Able To Ride In The Car… In Silence
  • Enjoying Being Petted And Groomed
  • Able To Share Toys, A Bed, Or Even The Food Dish
  • Making a Dog Friend
  • Safely Able to Meet And Get Used To Strangers

Using modern, positive-reinforcement based techniques combined with relationship building and boundary setting, your dog can learn how to feel calm and happy around people and other animals. Keeping your family safe is my top priority, and you can expect full honesty from me.  Just as in human psychology, are no magic fixes when it comes to animal behavior, and no guarantees. My utmost goal is to help you and your dog, AND to be fully honest about prognosis!

There is HOPE for your Dog

Maybe you’ve been told that your dog is stubborn, lazy, or even stupid.

Or maybe you’ve been told that your dog can never get better.

You’ve tried other trainers…and they’ve been afraid of your dog!

Or worse… they have continued to deteriorate.

Dog Behaviorist

Where do we start?

  • All behavior consultations begin with a 2 hr. initial consultation.
  • I come to your house, and analyze your dog and the family interactions.
  • I befriend your dog, so that I can work with them once they trust me.
  • Immediate help is given so you can get started right away.
  • Safety recommendations are made to help ensure everyone is SAFE at home.

Do you use positive reinforcement even with aggressive dogs?

Yes! Dogs are aggressive because they are afraid or stressed. They are not aggressive because they are bad, or spiteful.  Using punishment with an aggressive dog is the WORST thing that a trainer can do.  Shocking, choking, or pinching a dog who is already fearful or untrusting of a person doesn’t teach them to like people. It teaches them that people are scary and unpredictable. The result is a dog who may obey, but is holding back their emotions. Then, one day they explode “without warning”.  We use positive reinforcement and socialization-based techniques because they work well, and have excellent results.

Does positive reinforcement actually work for aggression?

Yes! Positive reinforcement training focuses on teaching the dog what we want. During training, we work hard to teach the dog how we want them to act, and heavily reward good choices.  Punishing a dog for telling us they are afraid or stressed (they tell us by barking and growling) results in a dog who doesn’t feel they can communicate. This leads to a dog who is “unpredictable”.  This is why we NEVER punish an aggressive dog! Remember, your dog is a family pet who wants to be good. He just doesn’t know HOW.

What if you think my dog can't get better, or is a danger to my family?

Not all dogs can be fixed to the point of being reliably safe.  This is just reality, as is the same with humans. Some dogs have a physical or mental issue that cannot be modified by training alone, or even with training combined with medication. If I feel that your dog poses a danger to you, I will tell you.  I care about people just as much as I care about dogs.

What types of skills do you teach aggressive dogs?

During the training process, we will be teaching your dog many new things.  One of my favorite things to teach is for a dog to put on their own muzzle!  We teach dogs to love wearing their “face jewelry”.  I also believe in working heavily on teaching the dog to focus on and listen to their owner. If your dog is focused on you, they aren’t worrying about everything around them. Another skill I like to teach fearful/aggressive dogs is how to remove themselves from scary situations by leaving the room.

What makes your training method unique?

Our approach is holistic. We don’t look at the dog as a series of actions that need to be modified.  We look at your dog as a unique individual.  Training goes beyond simply teaching your dog to respond to commands such as “sit” and “come”. For most of us, we want a dog who is well behaved because they understand how to act civilized and do so automatically, not because we have told them over and over again what to do. How we approach training, and how we respond to the world around us and our dog, will greatly influence how our dog acts. This is because our dogs are social beings, that actually look to us for leadership and guidance.  Our training is just as much about training as it is about relationship building.